Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treading Thursday!

MUCH better today, thank you. Whew! Glad that fog lifted.

Today started with a 6am core class, then breakfast, then we were off to the races. Our hike at Pt. Dume was beyond beautiful. The final leg of the BL 10k was here. My finish wasn't quite so pretty, but we're working on it.

The classes were all good, especially "gym" class, where we played kickball. Honestly, at first I almost opted for the pool, but I'm not a fan of getting in and out of a swimsuit twice in a day, so I dragged my old bod out on the field. Surprise ... it was really fun. I even got the final out. Yeah, but it was my out, not theirs. You may be asking why there's a ferris wheel in the outfield. I guess it's for the same reason there's a merry-go-round by the barn.

Lunch was great. First, I found out that there was miraculously a sudden opening for an evening reflexology appointment. Now that I'm totally addicted, I'm going to have to take a 12 Step Program to withdraw from them. Then, Sam joined our table for a fabulous conversation. He's such a great inspiration. After lunch, Essara gave us some excellent tips for sticking to our guns when we break out of here.

Pool was a trip. I never knew you could do that with a noodle! Next was "ball", which was fun. The body beatings ended with Treading Thursday, where Ursela kicked our butts. I found out she was in Lion King, my favorite musical of all time. Impressed!

My evening wound down with my spa appointment. I never asked how long it was, so when she said we were done, I assumed it was only 30 min. I must have fallen asleep, because it was the full 50. Hope I didn't snore.

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