Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Days To Go!

Two days from now I'll either be at Malibu, or I'll be at my parents' house. My dad just went into the hospital and my mom is home alone in the boonies. Neither issue is life-threatening, but I'm concerned, nonetheless. I pray everyone takes an upturn in the next day or two.

On the positive side, I'm more excited than ever. Fitting exercise into even my vacation routine has proven to be a challenge. This is my biggest problem. (Note that I manage to have time for FaceBook, etc.) I'm planning on the next week to really change my mind-set.

I don't know what the psychology is, but I don't take well to "support" from friends and family. I really haven't felt this sensitive about it since childhood. Now, when my family pushes me to say that I'm really going back to FR and my friends make comments that are designed to be helpful, the only message my brain gets is: "Damn, you're fat!" It hurts like I'm 12 again. There you go, complete strangers ... my biggest issue that friends and family don't know, but you do. We have entered a new era where we will divulge the deep stuff to the whole world, but not to our closest folks. Interesting.

Moving on ... packing the Glide and band aides and cramming in my final workouts to get myself toned-up enough to walk to the pool. Oh, yeah, I have a long, long way to go!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting Over ... Again

So, for about the 60th time (one for every year I've waddled on this planet), I'm starting over. This time, dammit, I'm going to remain consistent. Swear.

I went to Utah last summer and had the poop beat out of me. Thought I'd die, but I didn't. I was on it throughout the summer, hiking the Rockies with my kids and, thanks to Fitness Ridge, I was at least able to do it. Then, I returned home to work.

Computers suck me in. My beam grows wider as my eLife expands. Before I know it, the day is done and I haven't exercised a muscle beyond my wrist. This time (she said during a nice, 3-week break from work), I WILL keep it up. This blog will make me be honest with myself.

I'm checking back in at FR in Malibu this coming Sunday! I've dragged my arthritic bones around the neighborhood for the past week, but that's the most I've done. One hour/day is only 1/6 of what I'm going to be doing come Monday. Dear God ....

  • BodyMediaFit back on my arm, check. 
  • Initial weigh-in (only a 5-pound gain since Utah, surprisingly, but when you're so far from goal, that's a pimple on a hog's butt), check. 
  • Record-keeping calendar back in focus, check. 
  • New socks (gotta be special, double-walled) purchased for hikes, check. 
  • Nightly prayers to survive those grueling first few days, check!