Thursday, October 20, 2011

1/4 of the Way to a New Habit ... Or, So I Thought!

Biggest Loser FB entry talked about it taking 6-8 weeks for something new to become a habit. I've had a GOOD 2 weeks on the exercising (see my calendar of honesty). Thank you BLR for reminding me that it will not feel normal for a while, yet.<< Oh, my GOSH!! Talk about honesty! I just tested the calendar link and saw what it looked like to the public, without the rest of my schedule filling-in every freaking minute of the days. There were my meager little attempts to move 2-3 days/week, just staring me in the face! Swear ... I really thought I was being good! Well, no wonder I have a problem!>>

If I had the cash, I'd check in at the Ridge for the 6-8 weeks and get this habit going! I probably shouldn't have done the Hawaii thing, but too late.

I'm off to find my abs ... then I'll be sure to record it on the calendar of smack-yourself-in-the-face-honesty.