Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time Management

Nothing like wasting an entire day at the computer to make one realize that the problem lies in the butt-factor. I did get up and walk for an hour but, other than that brief move, the rest of the day was in the tootsies-up position. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Hi, my name is Grammi, and I'm a computer-addict.

Next step: Find something that will push me out of the chair. If I say I can only eWork a certain amount of time per day, I'll just blow it off and continue working. Since this is where I seem to live, both at home and at work, I'm trying out a new gadget for my iGoogle page. It automatically sets for an hour at a time. The plan: An hour on/An hour off.  This is hopeful for home.

At school, I plan on absolutely doing the things that must be done onsite, first. Then, when my reminder pops up to go to the gym, I'll be able to continue what is left at home, on the computer.

My weekly weigh-in showed a big 0.2 lb loss this WEEK. Not day. Week. On the why-not-take-the-bright-side, it was a loss. However, I'll admit that I am saddened, because I really thought that the week following 7hr/day exercise would have revved-up my metabolism.

Last night was actually pretty funny. I was feeling sorry for myself and, because I'd been online for so long, I was suddenly ravenous. So I hit the Fresh & Easy, thinking I'd get something comforting and to heck with "smart eating". I was staring at the convenience foods when I heard, "Hey, you!". There was my hairdresser, to whom I had just raved about BLR the day before. Of course, I couldn't admit to blowing my plans, so we both wound up with Eat Well items (their healthy choices). It was actually very good and I didn't miss the more fattening stuff at all. Life is funny like that. Yeah, it is.

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