Friday, January 7, 2011

Frisky Friday!

What a difference a couple of days make, eh? I want to stay another week! It may take me a few years to save up, but I'm going to go for at least two weeks in a row next time. Today was the first time I really wanted to put everything I had into each workout. Well, I take that back. I always wanted to, but the aches and pains prevented it. I've finally worked the kinks out and I'm rarin' to go, but there's only a half day left. Oh, the sadness!

So today's hike was a great canyon nearby. Creeks, rich dark earthy smells, and a waterfall. Oh, yeah, and a heck of a workout.

Following-up with Tina's stretch class was pure heaven. I couldn't believe how great I felt after. Then we had circuit with the bouncy Meagan, the fantabulous Cardio Disco with crazy John, and a final Meagan killer pool class, followed by hot-tubbing and dinner (turkey burgers :). Oh so much fun!

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