Monday, February 18, 2013

Insights and Stuff

Yesterday, I met with a friend and some of her friends. One of them was a very well-put-together lady who mentioned maybe three times how she needed to get her eating back under control again after this vacation. It got old, but when she burst into pure joy over a phone call from her overweight daughter, I realized I was talking with a clone of my mother. I mean, obviously, she loves her daughter and wants her to be healthy, but there was something so God-awful familiar and UNhealthy about her attitude. Daughter had had a gastric bypass and was calling to report that her cholesterol and blood sugars were down. Mom's over-done joy was so sad to me. The idea that her daughter had made her mom happy by having a life-threatening operation, made me want to cry for her. She had to be fixed for mom to be happy. Now, don't get me wrong. I know fat is unhealthy, but this was too much. Her constant talk about weight was disgustingly reminiscent of what I lived with all those years. I wanted to shake her.

I also just finished visiting the Biggest Loser FaceBook page. This is something I've been doing less and less. It's the same thing over and over and it seems that everyone goes to the resort, loses weight, and becomes a runner. Blah, blah, blah. It's fine for them, but this is me. Call me a loser, but this is my reality. I've been to the resort, I didn't really lose anything (a pound each time), and I continue to "maintain". Still, I'm not a giver-upper.

First of all, I'm 62. I'm freaking OLD! I won't be able to compete with my younger self, no matter what. But I will see what a 62-year-old can do. I like what I'm doing and the path I'm on.

Exercise: My daily (well, almost) one-mile walks have been fairly easy to get in. Just something about it being only a mile, takes less time and I'm more likely to cram it in. My only concern is my feet/ankles. They're really hurting. Yes, I know that it's because of the weight on top of them, but I have to move to get the weight off. Vicious circle. ANYway, I'm keeping it all at a mile a day until that is as ingrained in me as my 20-min of cleaning. Speaking of which, I can't rave about that enough. Wake up, hit the ladies' room, and clean for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, it's time for coffee and breakfast and THAT is when you wake up. Cleaning in my sleep is the bomb!

Food: I'm believing more and more in the vegan lifestyle and common sense of it. I nearly ordered vegan at the restaurant yesterday. "Nearly" being the key word. At the last minute, I threw in the chicken. One step at a time. I did shop for my one cooked meal for the week from McDougall's book and I have stopped buying the cottage cheese, cheese, and yogurts. Still have some left, but they will eventually disappear. I have already cut out the dairy in my oatmeal without a hitch.

Onward and upward ... NO ... DOWNward!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh Day

I SO do not want to do this. Right now I know with certainty that I have gone up instead of down. Even though I finally did create the two new habits that will help, I didn't really follow them until the last week or so. Diet wasn't even on the table (super puny!) so that couldn't have helped.

Here is what I've done right: sleep and walking. It sounds so simple, but it took for flipping ever to incorporate them into a daily pattern.

Eight hours a night during the week for me means I have to head toward bed at 7:30. But it makes a huge difference in my days. Huge. I'm also getting up at my usual 4am, but starting right off with 20 min of house cleaning. It may have nothing to do with weight loss, but it's fabulous! The house always looks decent and I don't even remember doing it, since I was basically sleep cleaning.

The walking took longer to incorporate. But really. A mile. One mile. I don't even HAVE to change shoes, let alone clothes. I finally started doing it before going in the house when I come home.

So this is good. I have started. The plan for this month is to work my way into a vegan diet. It will be slow for two reasons. One, I have a lot of frozen lunches that I'm too cheap to throw away. Two, that's drastic for me (no more yogurt???). I'll need to ease into this.

Ok. Here goes. More after I quit boohooing over the scales. Gulp.

PS:  Hooray!!!! Down over 3 pounds!!!! Walking and sleeping do work, even if only for a week or so!