Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bags Are UNpacked ... I'm Ready to Go!

My God, am I really doing this again?! I have to say that it does feel like home, even though we're far from Ivins. Absolutely pouring down rain from the time I hit the LA County line. I should have taken a pic of the campus in the rain, but I don't think my flash would have been powerful enough. It is DARK. And we're hiking in the morning, of course.

As promised, I will throw out comparisons from my perspective (reminder: I can be a cranky old lady):

  • Signage is horrible, really tacky, but I'm guessing they're still being made since Malibu is so new.
  • Check-in was fun in that I got to meet fellow guests, but took two hours. Meanwhile, darkness set in so by the time we had to find the parking lot and our rooms, the rain and dark made it impossible to see where you were. I had to return to the front desk and have the valet guide me to my "unit".
  • Units are cozy and fresh. Not as spacious as Ivins, but I was paying more as a single in a double room there. That skinny armoire in the picture is the closet. I filled it just with coats and sweatshirts.

Can't wait to see this place in the light. It looks like it may be a lovely setting. Ok ... I'm EXCITED to hit the trails. Yeah, that's the ticket ... excited ... really ...

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  1. Bought waterproof hiking shoes yesterday. Guess I might need them. Thanks for your commentary! Good Luck!