Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of Summer

Still August, but our summer has technically ended and we're back in school, even though it's hotter than Hades. And now it's time to confess my sins. I have lived, unchecked, for two glorious months.

Yep, it has been glorious. Wine tasting, frozen yogurt, pasta ... pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted. Oh, and the gym? Yeah, I haven't been more than two or three times all summer. Why am I so flip? Because I'm good with it.

I LIVED this summer. Don't get me wrong. I didn't live to eat. I ate to live. But I truly had a summer and I enjoyed every single day. No regrets. Yes, I will have expanded, I'm sure, but I'll face that like a big girl. To be honest, the jeans are not as loose, but they're not tight. I'm okay.

High in the mountains with fun folks and beautiful views
So here we go. Back in the saddle with a smile on my face and some really fine memories.