Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakthrough Day

To start with, this was a downer week because I realized that I was going to have to keep off my feet until the doc sees them. I hit the bikes and machines and cut out the snacks. Even though they were healthy snacks, I typically run about 300 calories over my daily goal.

Today was awesome! I found out I could live without those 300 calories/day. Who knew?

This one is tacky, but it's the honest to God truth. I spent the day scooting off to the ladies'. It sounds crazy, but I swear my body has finally simply decided to let go of this fat. We'll see.

I also found out that I actually could stay awake until the 5:30 yoga class. I always try, but by Fridays, all I can think of doing is getting home and crashing. Not tonight. Who knew?

While in yoga class, I discovered that, although I haven't been there in a couple of months, I was better at it today than I'd been before. I actually had a bit of balance. (BLR stretch classes, maybe?) Who knew?

Tonight, I sit before you with a fresh case of  optimism. I watched my recorded BL show, where the doctor told the girl on the pink team that she had 58% bmi ... worse than mine, even! He said she was just going to have to suck it up and devote 90 min/day, 6 days/week to working out for the rest of her life. Revelation. Someone has it worse than me. I got right off my pity pot, right there. I may have to do an hour a day, forever. Oh, well. Pink girl has to do 1.5 hours. I've got this. Who knew?

We shall see ...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time Management

Nothing like wasting an entire day at the computer to make one realize that the problem lies in the butt-factor. I did get up and walk for an hour but, other than that brief move, the rest of the day was in the tootsies-up position. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Hi, my name is Grammi, and I'm a computer-addict.

Next step: Find something that will push me out of the chair. If I say I can only eWork a certain amount of time per day, I'll just blow it off and continue working. Since this is where I seem to live, both at home and at work, I'm trying out a new gadget for my iGoogle page. It automatically sets for an hour at a time. The plan: An hour on/An hour off.  This is hopeful for home.

At school, I plan on absolutely doing the things that must be done onsite, first. Then, when my reminder pops up to go to the gym, I'll be able to continue what is left at home, on the computer.

My weekly weigh-in showed a big 0.2 lb loss this WEEK. Not day. Week. On the why-not-take-the-bright-side, it was a loss. However, I'll admit that I am saddened, because I really thought that the week following 7hr/day exercise would have revved-up my metabolism.

Last night was actually pretty funny. I was feeling sorry for myself and, because I'd been online for so long, I was suddenly ravenous. So I hit the Fresh & Easy, thinking I'd get something comforting and to heck with "smart eating". I was staring at the convenience foods when I heard, "Hey, you!". There was my hairdresser, to whom I had just raved about BLR the day before. Of course, I couldn't admit to blowing my plans, so we both wound up with Eat Well items (their healthy choices). It was actually very good and I didn't miss the more fattening stuff at all. Life is funny like that. Yeah, it is.

Friday, January 14, 2011


What to do?
One week after returning to reality and oh, my God! What to do? Work consumed my time and I only got to the gym twice, I think. Then, the water main broke at school and we had to use porta potties; so naturally, I drastically reduced my water consumption. The food part wasn't so hard, until tonight, when I just felt so wiped-out from 6-7 hours of sleep a night, all I wanted to do was eat! I'm not giving up, I'm just saying I need to regroup. I need to figure this out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Send Grammi Back to BLR!

If you register for a week at Biggest Loser Resort and mention my name, we'll both get $100 off! I'm determined to return for at least two weeks at one time, but I'm not a wealthy Grammi. I need all the help I can get. If you help me get back there, you'll be helping yourself, too! It's a win-win!

I left this morning with a heavy heart, but a lighter body. How many "girls" (I realize that I'm stretching that word) can say they were measured by the Biggest Loser, Sam? Whoohoo! Speaking of that cutie-patootie, one of the fellow guests quoted his words of encouragement to her. I hope I get it right: 

You can't change how something began, but you can change the way it ends. - Sam

Before I even got to my house, I stopped at the grocery and picked up the goodies that would make me successful at home, as Essara taught us. BLR made my lunch for me, so all I had to worry about was dinner and tomorrow :)  I'm good to go.

I will be back.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Journey Has Just Started

Today started with my last hike to Pt. Dume. I put myself in a group of studs which, of course, meant that I took up the rear. Our sweet guide had to stick with me. He wouldn't even let me just wait for the power-packers to climb back up the hill. Instead, we went exploring and wound up "hiking" the shi-shi neighborhoods of Malibu. Even at that, my feet were screaming at me on the way back. I will find out what causes this foot pain. When I do, watch out, power-packers! However, they did hurt, so I opted for the pool class instead of circuit.

I said goodbye to the grounds today by taking pictures of everything and having a wonderful pedicure. Our goodbye dinner was hysterically funny. There's some real comedic talent here.

This place isn't a resort. As so many people expressed tonight, it's a safe place to learn about yourself. Both Malibu and Ivins do that. So, back to my original promise to say which one is best ... the best one is the one you go to. Because going is the key. I'll be back.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Frisky Friday!

What a difference a couple of days make, eh? I want to stay another week! It may take me a few years to save up, but I'm going to go for at least two weeks in a row next time. Today was the first time I really wanted to put everything I had into each workout. Well, I take that back. I always wanted to, but the aches and pains prevented it. I've finally worked the kinks out and I'm rarin' to go, but there's only a half day left. Oh, the sadness!

So today's hike was a great canyon nearby. Creeks, rich dark earthy smells, and a waterfall. Oh, yeah, and a heck of a workout.

Following-up with Tina's stretch class was pure heaven. I couldn't believe how great I felt after. Then we had circuit with the bouncy Meagan, the fantabulous Cardio Disco with crazy John, and a final Meagan killer pool class, followed by hot-tubbing and dinner (turkey burgers :). Oh so much fun!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treading Thursday!

MUCH better today, thank you. Whew! Glad that fog lifted.

Today started with a 6am core class, then breakfast, then we were off to the races. Our hike at Pt. Dume was beyond beautiful. The final leg of the BL 10k was here. My finish wasn't quite so pretty, but we're working on it.

The classes were all good, especially "gym" class, where we played kickball. Honestly, at first I almost opted for the pool, but I'm not a fan of getting in and out of a swimsuit twice in a day, so I dragged my old bod out on the field. Surprise ... it was really fun. I even got the final out. Yeah, but it was my out, not theirs. You may be asking why there's a ferris wheel in the outfield. I guess it's for the same reason there's a merry-go-round by the barn.

Lunch was great. First, I found out that there was miraculously a sudden opening for an evening reflexology appointment. Now that I'm totally addicted, I'm going to have to take a 12 Step Program to withdraw from them. Then, Sam joined our table for a fabulous conversation. He's such a great inspiration. After lunch, Essara gave us some excellent tips for sticking to our guns when we break out of here.

Pool was a trip. I never knew you could do that with a noodle! Next was "ball", which was fun. The body beatings ended with Treading Thursday, where Ursela kicked our butts. I found out she was in Lion King, my favorite musical of all time. Impressed!

My evening wound down with my spa appointment. I never asked how long it was, so when she said we were done, I assumed it was only 30 min. I must have fallen asleep, because it was the full 50. Hope I didn't snore.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hump Day

I'm pooped. I'm blah. I'm hurting. Hard to give an objective view of the day when I'm just not feeling it. The bones in my feet feel like they're broken. Hiking was next to unbearable, although our explorations of Paramount Park were pretty. Classes (stretch, circuit, kickboxing, mountain, H2O intervals) were fine, but I just didn't want to be there. Sorry ... I'm stuck on a downer.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


LOVED today! The hike was my speed (slow), skies were crispy blue, and CharmLee Park was beyond incredible.  Loved, loved, loved it. I'm a huge fan of the stretch class before heading out. I'm sure that's making a giant difference in my experience this time.

Classes were outstanding, too. Super trainers. Then, my foot massage .... I'm hooked. My arthritic little tootsies are sooooo grateful. Dinner was sublime. Shepard's Pie and chocolate covered strawberries. Incredible! I'm up late because of the premiere of Biggest Loser, which was filmed here, for the team of the unknown trainers. Two of our guests were here then, so it was fun to get the skinny on what happened while they were here.

Fun, fun day. Oh, yeah ... and a 1680 calorie deficit to boot.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Monday, Yet

Ok, so I've only had two of them at FR ... Ivins and Malibu, but today didn't suck.
  • Malibu offers a stretch class before breakfast, which is really nice, but crowded, so get there early!
  • The Assessment Hike was a terrible let-down. Rainy, muddy, and cold I could have dealt with. I had a brilliant idea in Utah, to simply ask people what they felt their fitness/hiking level was so that dorks like me wouldn't be stuck with the jocks. They loved the idea. Last month, I received an email which actually asked for our self-assessment. Did they use them? Of course not! I was one cranky old lady as my young, fit group galloped ahead of me immediately. How stupid. The way they do this is just stupid and it just pisses off people like me who are tremendously challenged. Grrrrrr. On the upside, as Jen used to say, when you're last, you get your own, personal guide. Thank you, Essra, for being an entertaining and understanding chaperone. I really enjoyed our conversations. Now, put me on the slow bus, please.
  • The campus is very pretty. Lovely, winding, wooden walks from the lodge to the pools/gyms/cabins. The pools are multi-colored at night and warm during the classes. (It's the air temp that is unbearable)
  • I actually enjoyed doing Mountain today. Probably because I'm more aware of what to expect. Circuits was good, too (Yes, Shelli, Sam is here as a trainer. He's such a cutie pie.) And John taught a really great class on using your core.
  • I'm loving not having to go to the lectures this time, though everyone says they're great. I just need my down time here and there. It's who I am.
  • Food is great. Every bit as yummy and creative as Ivins.
Bottom line: I'm thrilled about my Monday, compared to the first time, when I thought I would surely die. Five to go!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bags Are UNpacked ... I'm Ready to Go!

My God, am I really doing this again?! I have to say that it does feel like home, even though we're far from Ivins. Absolutely pouring down rain from the time I hit the LA County line. I should have taken a pic of the campus in the rain, but I don't think my flash would have been powerful enough. It is DARK. And we're hiking in the morning, of course.

As promised, I will throw out comparisons from my perspective (reminder: I can be a cranky old lady):

  • Signage is horrible, really tacky, but I'm guessing they're still being made since Malibu is so new.
  • Check-in was fun in that I got to meet fellow guests, but took two hours. Meanwhile, darkness set in so by the time we had to find the parking lot and our rooms, the rain and dark made it impossible to see where you were. I had to return to the front desk and have the valet guide me to my "unit".
  • Units are cozy and fresh. Not as spacious as Ivins, but I was paying more as a single in a double room there. That skinny armoire in the picture is the closet. I filled it just with coats and sweatshirts.

Can't wait to see this place in the light. It looks like it may be a lovely setting. Ok ... I'm EXCITED to hit the trails. Yeah, that's the ticket ... excited ... really ...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready to Go ...

I guess I have to admit that I'm excited. Nervous, yet looking forward to kicking up my motivation. I've packed like I'm going for months. It's all those layers that I'm going to need in this ridiculous weather of ours. We Californians just aren't that hardy.

Did four miles, yesterday, on fairly level, paved surfaces. The trails will be the trick. This was a beautiful day to do it, though. Trying another route today which should be about as long.

The forecast isn't quite so good for Mon/Tue hiking. I saw someone's hiking shoes, caked in mud, from last week at FR. If they can do it, so can I.