Saturday, January 21, 2012

VOTE FOR ME! please?

Chances are, I don't know you. Most of my friends aren't into diet and exercise. They aren't even clicking on my vote button for the Jennie-O breakfast contest. So I'm pleading with my five followers and anyone else who may trip across my blog. You won't be hounded by some virtual turkey, but if you could spare a click a day, I would really, really love to win the two weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort. I have not been able to put the cash together for TWO weeks. It would be huge.

Jennie-O Breakfast contest link:  

Now, about my status to date. I'm NOT letting circumstances hold me back. No sir. I'll just keep on, because that's what a person does. Loser for Soup helped me realize that you don't ever quit, just because you don't always win. Ok, so I did know that, but it helps to hear it again from someone else who is fighting the same fight. I'm all the way UP to walking a half mile/day. Wow. Blow to the ego. I was disappointed that I only did a couple of miles a day, before. Oh well, better to be in the game, than out! Our school district started a walking contest, so I created a website and pseudo "app" for our school. Now, I have to do it, you see? 

Bumped into a friend last night and, in talking with her, I heard how happy I am. Yes, I was listening to myself speak. I am so thrilled with my job, my life, etc. This blog may look like I'm focusing on the negative. I'm not. It is just the one place where I dump my darkest part of my life ... weight. One of these days, though, there shall be light in this corner, too!

Friday, January 13, 2012

SO Many Lessons to Learn!

Yeah, I thought I had that figured out. My eating isn't emotional, but I still ballooned in weight gain. Dr. visit today regarding this thing that's going on and the scales were so rude!! Like 6 pounds up! I'm on steroids, which is most likely the cause, but oy!

Exercise is still on hold but I should be able to do walks again in a week. I'm really, really looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lessons to Learn

Several days of following my exercise plans with my shiny new Polar and BAM! The back goes out again. There's a lesson here, which I will learn. As soon as I can walk upright.

On the diet scene, I blew that off the minute an emotional upheaval hit the house, following the back thing. It has been a giant roller coaster that I sincerely don't want to get on again. Silver lining: I'm NOT an emotional eater! Not in the least bit. I had to make myself eat things so I could take Advil. Still, not worth the ride, but good to know I'm not going to balloon in weight after this week.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, you just don't get to be the master of your universe. Get over it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Posting Again BECAUSE ...

Loser for Soup just posted a New Year's blog that is spot on. We say we want to lose weight, at least I do, but why? I've spent so many years/decades saying I want to ... I need to ... I must, yet I've never been specific.

My because has changed over the years, I realize. Used to be that I wanted to look hot again. Yeah, well that ship has left the harbor! Now I'm a grandma and so darned stuck in my ways, I highly doubt that there are any grandpas who could tolerate me, so "hot" is out. And wrinkles just look silly on hot bodies. Then again, I would enjoy being amazingly snappy for my age. Snappy is not trying to be "hot", but rather being vibrant and cute. That would be fun.

Still, at 61, I'm really thinking more about keeping the chasis running, rather than giving it a shiny paint job. I'm taking all kinds of meds, which just goes against everything that I stand for. Shedding tonnage would knock out three of them. Now, THAT is a because! (The fourth one keeps the world safe from hormonal explosions which can erupt without warning, so we won't even entertain taking that off the list.)

My list of becauses:

  1. I want to lose weight because I want to get off of the stupid medicines.
  2. I want to lose weight because I would love to be the snappy-looking grammi.
  3. I want to be more active because exercise actually lifts my spirits and makes regular walking less painful.
  4. I want to lose weight because reduced weight-pressure on my knees and feet would actually make walking a fun experience, again.
  5. I want to say no to white starches because they give nothing of value to my body. (See Boo's poster, below.)

One other stolen quote from Jessica on the BLR FaceBook page:
  Sweat is just fat cells, crying
Love that!