Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Journey Has Just Started

Today started with my last hike to Pt. Dume. I put myself in a group of studs which, of course, meant that I took up the rear. Our sweet guide had to stick with me. He wouldn't even let me just wait for the power-packers to climb back up the hill. Instead, we went exploring and wound up "hiking" the shi-shi neighborhoods of Malibu. Even at that, my feet were screaming at me on the way back. I will find out what causes this foot pain. When I do, watch out, power-packers! However, they did hurt, so I opted for the pool class instead of circuit.

I said goodbye to the grounds today by taking pictures of everything and having a wonderful pedicure. Our goodbye dinner was hysterically funny. There's some real comedic talent here.

This place isn't a resort. As so many people expressed tonight, it's a safe place to learn about yourself. Both Malibu and Ivins do that. So, back to my original promise to say which one is best ... the best one is the one you go to. Because going is the key. I'll be back.

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