Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Monday, Yet

Ok, so I've only had two of them at FR ... Ivins and Malibu, but today didn't suck.
  • Malibu offers a stretch class before breakfast, which is really nice, but crowded, so get there early!
  • The Assessment Hike was a terrible let-down. Rainy, muddy, and cold I could have dealt with. I had a brilliant idea in Utah, to simply ask people what they felt their fitness/hiking level was so that dorks like me wouldn't be stuck with the jocks. They loved the idea. Last month, I received an email which actually asked for our self-assessment. Did they use them? Of course not! I was one cranky old lady as my young, fit group galloped ahead of me immediately. How stupid. The way they do this is just stupid and it just pisses off people like me who are tremendously challenged. Grrrrrr. On the upside, as Jen used to say, when you're last, you get your own, personal guide. Thank you, Essra, for being an entertaining and understanding chaperone. I really enjoyed our conversations. Now, put me on the slow bus, please.
  • The campus is very pretty. Lovely, winding, wooden walks from the lodge to the pools/gyms/cabins. The pools are multi-colored at night and warm during the classes. (It's the air temp that is unbearable)
  • I actually enjoyed doing Mountain today. Probably because I'm more aware of what to expect. Circuits was good, too (Yes, Shelli, Sam is here as a trainer. He's such a cutie pie.) And John taught a really great class on using your core.
  • I'm loving not having to go to the lectures this time, though everyone says they're great. I just need my down time here and there. It's who I am.
  • Food is great. Every bit as yummy and creative as Ivins.
Bottom line: I'm thrilled about my Monday, compared to the first time, when I thought I would surely die. Five to go!


  1. So excited to see your post. Been waiting all day to hear how it went! Glad you are thrilled about Monday. Please go to some of the classes so I can get that comparison too :) I put my name on the Utah waiting list just in case this plase just not meet your approval. Sounds like I had better get to the GYM, but at least my BodyBugg is again a regular accessory. Can you do a little anti-rain dance while you are there?

  2. Rain dance accomplished! Gorgeous skies, but still nippy. I'd love to be a full service critic, but I don't know ... I've never been much of a lecture listener. That's why I teach ;)