Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plan, Stupid, Plan!

When last we spoke, I mentioned that Jillian had added a team sport to the child's already crammed schedule. There was nothing, I mean NOTHING, about how to fit more into her already-over-scheduled days. So, what did I do? Whine. And then ... nothing. As a result, I too failed to find a solution. What a nerd.

You can't succeed without a plan. I went through the week "hoping" to find time to move. Right. That worked, said no lazy couch-lover, ever.

THE PLAN for Born Again Beginners: 1 Mile/day during the week and 2 miles on Saturdays. Really. I can't go home until it's done. There's the rule. Walking shoes in the car. No need to change clothes. Just walk. Just go.

Just DO IT, missy. No thinking. Just doing. No "iffing". Just doing. No "butting". Just doing. Every day. Before going home. Move.

I've calendared it, so it is so. See you next week.

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