Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inspired by Dolvett

Well, who wouldn't be? But as the man whom I have dibbed as MY trainer, he has lit the fire under this old broad.

First, my week's goals. Get 8+ hrs of sleep and do 20 min of cleaning each morning. I did it and I love it!! This is a habit I can do! I just can't imagine fitting in the exercise. I did "move" this weekend. I cleaned out most of my garage so that I can get my little trailer in there before this week's storm. I also spent the weekend with friends. One has a horse, so I brushed him. That's moving!

This is love
This week's show did a few things, actually. Jillian supposedly relieved the horrendous schedule that Sunny lives with by .... ADDING crew? Really JM? I mean, I was excited because the girl was constantly doing something, so I was ready for Jillian's fix. Nothing. Maybe we'll get more insight next week.

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