Saturday, January 12, 2013


Lost. For the first time in decades, I feel completely lost in weight loss land. I've never had a problem CARING before, but now I do. I'm gaining weight and losing muscle. I'm busy. I'm enjoying. I'm just not caring about the weight.

Therapy is beginning to tap into what is going on/has been going on with me on this topic since childhood. We found a "nugget" last week that she says will be a springboard for our next meeting. I hope so. I'm sick of the failure.

I didn't want to post this because it's the opposite of what this blog is supposed to even be about. Then again, it is part of the process, so on it goes. Meanwhile, I'm going to force the issue. I'm going to get back into doing it, even if I'm not feeling it. I had a crazy idea as I was watching The Biggest Loser. Since I'm a huge (double meaning) fan and I got to attend the premiere this season, where they gave us a T-Shirt, I could play pretend. If I pretend to care, maybe I will!

Stay tuned. I'm hoping I can fake it to reality.

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