Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh Day

I SO do not want to do this. Right now I know with certainty that I have gone up instead of down. Even though I finally did create the two new habits that will help, I didn't really follow them until the last week or so. Diet wasn't even on the table (super puny!) so that couldn't have helped.

Here is what I've done right: sleep and walking. It sounds so simple, but it took for flipping ever to incorporate them into a daily pattern.

Eight hours a night during the week for me means I have to head toward bed at 7:30. But it makes a huge difference in my days. Huge. I'm also getting up at my usual 4am, but starting right off with 20 min of house cleaning. It may have nothing to do with weight loss, but it's fabulous! The house always looks decent and I don't even remember doing it, since I was basically sleep cleaning.

The walking took longer to incorporate. But really. A mile. One mile. I don't even HAVE to change shoes, let alone clothes. I finally started doing it before going in the house when I come home.

So this is good. I have started. The plan for this month is to work my way into a vegan diet. It will be slow for two reasons. One, I have a lot of frozen lunches that I'm too cheap to throw away. Two, that's drastic for me (no more yogurt???). I'll need to ease into this.

Ok. Here goes. More after I quit boohooing over the scales. Gulp.

PS:  Hooray!!!! Down over 3 pounds!!!! Walking and sleeping do work, even if only for a week or so!

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