Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lesson from Housecleaning Tips ... Seriously!

Fun hike with camping buddies in September
So, that foot doctor doesn't believe that fat chicks can hike. Sad truth is, I don't hike much, but not for a lack of loving to do it. It's about being overwhelmed with things to do.

Lately, I've been aching to have more fun like I did last summer. (There's a song there, isn't there?) Once school starts, my weekends are consumed with grading and lesson plans and MAYBE, just MAYBE some house cleaning. This ain't livin'! And getting to the gym or even walking has proven to be too time-consuming. So I have been begging the universe to show me how to do it.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a very simple plan on the web. Clean the house in 20 minutes a day. Hmm ... I'm thinking that doesn't just apply to cleaning. Lose weight one pound at a time .... exercise 30 min a day .... do it all a wee bit at a time.

The cleaning plan is pretty cool. I convinced myself that I could do yesterday's "assigned" chore before bed, even though I was pooped. After all, it's only 20 minutes! It was great to wake up to a fairly clean feeling (it will take a month to catch up completely).

I'm limiting my at-home "work" to small time periods, too. Finished or not. Leave school by 4:30 (that's an 9-hr day) and just get the lessons done on the weekend for the upcoming week. Period.

Exercise, even if it's just my old-broad's two mile walk, EVERY day. Like we have to eat. I HAVE to move.

This trek I'm on is not an all or nothing thing like it is for Biggest Loser contestants. Then it's a mission, for sure. I'm not there (though I wouldn't turn down the opp!). I'm here. With house, work, bills, etc. I need to work it out in a balance. That said, I did get to go to this season's premiere! Very fun experience and I may jump on the new challenge. I sat right behind one of the new contestants, so I'm invested in her and shall root for her in January. Dolvett, however, didn't even feel the vibes I was sending him. He never once looked out at the crowd in search of me. Ah, sigh. I'll always have an old-lady crush on him. The pic is a spoiler, but I won't give any more away.

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