Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Only Look Chubby

You know what, guys? I think there was something to that hypnotic suggestion.

Whatever the reason, I'm feeling lithe on the inside. Of course, the mirror doesn't seem to get it, but I'm thinking that will come in time. Changes have been made.

I have a better attitude toward exercise; trying to change it up a lot. I even went to Zumba yesterday. Yes, I looked the fool, but fortunately, so did our teacher. She's learning it too and I actually thank the universe for that. Who cares if you're looking ridiculous along with everyone else? I'm actually disappointed if something pops-up to prevent me from doing my "pre-shower hour". This has actually happened, believe it or not. I know, it seems unlikely during a vacation break with no significant other, etc., but it has.

Food choices haven't always been Biggest Loser approved, but the quantity has been noticeably smaller. By choice, no less.

Bottom line is that, WHATEVER it is that's making me feel good, I do feel good.

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