Sunday, July 17, 2011


Okay, so moving the feet is fun! My new hiking organization ( gave me an idea ... take the tin teepee to walks within 400 miles and do a little camping. This weekend, I walked Long Beach and camped in Newport. Not exactly roughing it, but it was something I wouldn't have normally done and I'm glad I did. My 10K was reduced to about a 7K because I miscalculated traffic on PCH. I should know better!

On the hypnosis front, one thing leads to another. I have since been led to a meditative download which gave me absolutely the BEST night's sleep I've ever had. I'm thinking the meditation will reinforce what I know I need to "adjust" in my misguided little neural-connections. The guy has all kinds of target areas, but so far, I'm just using the freebie.

I also ran into a book, Hypnotizing Maria, which just happens to be based on hypnosis and our belief systems, though it is fiction. Interesting read and I've always loved Richard Bach. He's kind of out there, if you haven't read him.

Here's to getting this all wrapped up and figured out!

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