Monday, July 11, 2011

When Nothing Else is Working ...

Here's a new one for you. I got hypnotized. Yup. Two visits to FR with one pound lost
each time = something else is afoot, here! So, yesterday I hightailed it to a hypnotist and traveled into my head.

I'm not giving details, because it's pretty personal. Something I would only share with the complete stranger who took me "down", ironically. Still, the content doesn't really matter. I'm thinking what does matter is that I did come up with something. Addressing that issue seems like a good idea, no matter what. Seems I've been holding onto a little something that became a huge something over time. Me. I can let go of the situation/guilt/blame because I'm a big girl, now. My little child did the best she could to protect me, but kids are so incapable of coming up with good solutions. I need to journal this, privately. Here's to healing!

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