Saturday, August 27, 2011


Help! I've totally destroyed any good habits that were created this summer. The new year hit and I was back to getting up at 4, being constantly exhausted, and having appointments or meetings or simply class-related work until I couldn't think anymore. If I skipped the gym (usually), I beat myself up. If I went (RARELY), I was in horrible shape the next day due to lack of sleep. It wasn't just the hour spent working out, but that invigoration would keep me from crashing by 8pm. And so, another less than adequate night.

Four weeks into the new year and even the weekends have been solidly booked. Today, I managed to finish my grading and planning on Saturday. Mind you, I'm still in my jammies and the house is a wreck, but my school work is DONE. With a positive attitude, I'm going into tomorrow as a normal person who wants to move it in order to feel good. Our lovely weather has been over 100 and humid, but I'll set the alarm and get out there early. I really can't wait. Really!

My "message" for today was: All reform is from within however restricted your circumstances. Look inside yourself to see something not in order. Seek to right that. Honest. I didn't make that up. PS: Even weirder! My tired eyes came from a site titled "No Excuse Sunday".

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