Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am feeling sooooo very good about moving. Tawny posted an epiphany (via Paige) which hit me, too: Athletes train to compete, not to lose weight. While I'm not quite athletic, that IS what I want. I want to train to make a healthy, strong body, not to "lose weight". The weight will come off as a result. Thank you, Tawny and Paige!

My latest favorite thing is the Nike+gps app for my iPhone. Please. It's totally fun! While you're "running" (that's what they think I'm doing, but I'm still a walker), you get to hear cheers every time a friend hits "like" on FaceBook. It may sound nutty, but I really live for those cheers. Also, a voice comes on to tell you when you hit mile markers and when you exceed your longest "run". Also, when you're finished, you get a complete report on distance, pace, time, and a map showing your route. Are you kidding me? It's awesome! And it's free ... at the moment. I sense a fee coming in the future.

Pilates whipped my large bottom this morning, but it is by far the most needed class I'm taking. I believe I may find this core of which they speak. It's in there, somewhere. And the wonderful stretches you get. Ahhhh ...

OK, kids ... let's go get 'em!

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