Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Greatest Gifts from the Ridge

The Ridge just keeps on giving. I check the FaceBook page of alums nearly every day and I get the very best motivation from those entries. I feel so ... normal. It's easy (in a manner of speaking) to do it at FR, but when you come home, the old habits and limitations just pop right back up. Thank you, everyone for easing my guilt. I have a tip, though.

The 10K (which was meant to be just a 5K, but my joi de vivre took over) was courtesy of a cool group that everyone should know about. Maybe you do, but I sure didn't. I was going to post this on the message board, but I agree with a previous poster and didn't want to advertise other things on FR's page.

ANYWAY, this organization is literally everywhere, no matter where you live. It's the American Volkssport Assn. ( Here's the California listing of events .

There are big ol' walks, like the one I took last weekend, and smaller, local ones more often. I'm going to my first local meeting tonight, so I'll know more, then. They even have walks (year round walks) you can do any time you want. The "walk box" contains directions and points of interest. These are scattered everywhere. I'm excited about this. As a single gal, hiking with the bears, all alone isn't exactly thrilling. But this way, they know you're out there, where you're going, and expecting you to return. Besides, you meet others on the walk and can walk with them, as I did last time.

I'm just beyond excited about this summer. Again, thanks to the Fitness Ridger who commented that she just starts over every ... single ... day. I don't know why, but that has meant more to me than anything. Check my calendar (right side). I'm actually moving a whole lot more than I was.

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