Saturday, June 4, 2011

Starting Over All Summer

Summer vacation: The goal is to move it every single day in some way. I wish I could remember who, but some brilliant woman on the Fitness Ridge FaceBook page recently said that she starts over every-single-day. EVERY day. Powerful. She has finally come to terms with that and has gotten it together. I realized that I'm not a loser for all of my start-overs, but I will lose if I keep starting over. Just keep doing it.

So this week has been different. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I easily got myself through the front doors of my new gym for the first time for a little treadmilling and eliptical. The next day, I flopped around on my mat in pilates, and on Monday it was water aerobics. Oh, yeah. I've got this.

Summer vacation officially started today and oy, did I kick it off! I went from couch warmer to a 10K at 7,000' msl. Holy cow! I'm really, really sore, but tomorrow I plan on starting over ... again. :)

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