Friday, December 30, 2011

Fitness Ridge, I'm Comin' Home!

Read the fine print, dork. It expires NEXT year! 
It's nearly New Year's Eve which may be the catalyst. Not because of resolutions (which I seem to make everyday), but more about the $100 off coupon that expires tomorrow (whoops ... see caption).  Also, I spent a sedentary week following the beach trip, with maybe two trips to the gym. Yesterday's two-mile walk/run nearly put me in the morgue! I'm sick and tired of this! I do. I hurt. I don't. I do. I hurt. I don't .... blah, blah, blah.

Another motivator is the BLR FaceBook page. I love the inspiration those guys give me (as I sit on my arse). Still, it is inspirational. One dude recently lost 17 pounds in a week. True, he's a dude and dudes do that, but still!! 17!

Loser for Soup has also inspired ol' sedentary me. She planned on running a 5K a year ago, and now she's going to do it. Thanks, Loser.

I may be the most tenacious, most consistently NOT losing person I know.


  1. You go girl. Both of you are a great kick in the pants. I should find some wherewithal and get back in the game. I ruptured two disks and damaged a nerve (weakness) in my leg, back in early August. I am in bad shape both mentally and physicially.

  2. You have great spirit, Shelli. You'll do it!