Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Bad

I've done the carb-free days on Monday and Thursday and I have to say, not bad. Not fun, but doable. Though I really hate going without carbs, it prevented me from "just one bite" of so many things. (It is the Christmas season.) The cool thing is that I can tell myself I can have that tomorrow, just not today. Chances are, I don't have that same opportunity the next day. I added sprouted lentils with the health-building sauce that I picked up at a communal fat farm decades ago. That helped so much. I really need plants in my system. I'm assuming lentils are ok. They're above-ground.

My weigh-in last week wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. Not good, by any stretch, but way better than I'd imagined. I'll weigh every month. Less is just crazy with my bod.

I want to go back to the ridge, but this vacation is out. I think I'll set up a week in the spring. That will give me some time to train for the beatings. Time to play Ms. Claus ... go, go, go!

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