Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thank You for Checking In

No, I'm not dead. Just obese. But I'm back and I'm shocked to see that somebody has been checking on me. Wow. You're doing more than I have been. Thanks for that.

I've been saying that I'm sick and tired of dieting and worrying about my weight. Today, a FB friend started a group for a 90-day challenge. Initial reaction: <<shudder>>  Then I realized that this chick had a body I would love to have, yet she was going on yet another diet. It isn't just poor little (ok, not so little) me who has to deal with this constantly. I'm not so special. Suck it up, buttercup.

So now that I've had to face facts (yes, doctor appt), I'm on a mission. Heavier than EVER and the ankle is still out of commission. That isn't going to stop me, dammit. Starting now. Ok, tomorrow. I need to shop, first.

I've decided on the paleo diet. Here's why: I've already sort of started going that direction, anyway. I've made myself eat produce with everything. If I wanted chocolate (yeah, that will stop), I made myself eat chocolate chips with orange slices. If I wanted bread, I made myself pair it with humus (sort of produce). It's going to be HARD to cut the bread and chocolate out of this equation. Really hard. I don't have a choice, though. This has GOT to stop.

Generally, I say that I'll work into something gradually as I finish up the stuff in the cupboard. I simply cannot throw food away. It's just more than my Scotch side can bear. Therefore, I will pack it all up and store it in the garage. When I get my smokin'hot bod (or at least something closer to healthy), I can make a rational decision about whether to unpack the crap or donate it to the homeless.

Alright, folks. Here we go. Step one: Get up.

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