Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Gave Up Until Today

Like someone on a forum said, starting over sucks, but that's what we do. We can't just give up. 

It helps that my tendinitis is much better. I simply couldn't have walked until now. I also went back to a good shoe. I hate shoes. Probably why I got tendinitis in the first place. I tried to walk at one point in my Skechers with the concave soles. That didn't work. It made both of my ankles scream with pain. I have thrown those away. 

I walked tonight after dark. We're in the 90's already during the day. I walked 0.5 miles. Why do we plural a fractional part and drop the s for a full mile? Something to ponder. ANYway, less than a mile and my breathing was labored. Gross. 

But it's a start. Again. 

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