Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Zig in my Zag

So round 485 .... my ankle gave out when we went back to school. Hurts like heck. Pulled muscle or tendon or something. ANYway, my 2 miles a day came to a grinding halt. Did I make it better by going to the gym and riding bikes? Nope. I let the hours of the day get to me and didn't do a DAMN thing. Nothing. Nada.

So I got myself yet another gym membership and hired a trainer. I went once and our schedules conflicted for the next 2 weeks. Did I go in on my own? Hell no. The busy days, you know.

So I met up with her again, yesterday. After the session we worked on our calendars. It isn't easy, but we got in at least 1 meeting a week, usually 2, even if they were back to back. I am hoping that's a good sign. I do mean to do this. Really.

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