Sunday, September 1, 2013

NOT Giving Up!

This is a journey. A very zig zaggy journey, but a journey. I just took a whopping walk around the block. Wow. It's still a good 90 degrees at 9pm, but I really quit because of the danged pulled muscle in my ankle. I thought it was healed, but nope. 

So here I sit on my porch. Argh! I was inspired tonight, though, by Janelle on Sister Wives. Weighing in at 271 pounds, she is going at getting fit. Her trainer threw the scales away (very dramatic tv) and told her to quit fixating on the numbers. Now she just works at getting stronger. She credits her mentors. 

My therapist is one mentor. We're starting to work on my attitude. I like where we're going. 

I want to find a physical mentor, too. My last trainer was a disaster. I should have dumped her, but what is done is done. I need a trainer who is willing to do what Janelle's does. I also need advice about what do do with pulled muscles and how to work around them. I'm going to find him/her. 

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