Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ha! I love it!

It has dawned on me that I can let go of the scale. I've been fat for most of the last 60 years. It's ok. With that, I have turned my attention to getting my body to move easily. 

I'm walking twice a day, just one mile at a time. It's not a major deal. I have a hard time talking myself out of it. By going in the early morning and after sundown, the temps are low and the whole experience is actually enjoyable. I won't win any marathons, but I feel a ton better than I did. 

I've also given up worrying about wearing a bathing suit. Now, I don't want to scare people, but I actually jumped in and played in the creek at our last camping adventure. It was so much fun. I realized how much I've missed my whole life because of that false front I was putting out there. (PS: when I walked up the fairly steep trail back to camp, I was actually doing it easily.)

Vacation ends this week, and I really hope I keep it up. The plan is to dress and walk before leaving, then do it again before bed. Seems doable. When things cool off, I can get the pm one in sooner. 

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