Thursday, March 29, 2012

Was That Over a Month Ago?

Oy. My NO EXCUSES post was more than a month ago? Seems like last week. So, did I stick to it? I'd say yes, but it has been A MONTH! I'm not the quickest bunny in the patch. Here is what I have done:

  • Tracked food and activity in Weight Watchers
  • Made modifications to the foods I normally eat, so they will fit into the tracker
  • Signed up for a personal trainer
  • Had my first evaluation meeting (including measurements and weight!)
  • Walked at least 2 miles/day most days

Here is what I haven't done:

  • Have not hit the gym, once, outside of the evaluation
  • Have not pushed myself in toning or cardio
  • Have not used my two week vacation time well

Now, looking at the list, I see that I do like to beat myself up. Sure, I could have done a whole lot more, but my "dids" are bigger than my "didn'ts" and I need to get excited about that. As for the second list, shoot ... I'll just do them! Plan A: plan my gym time in advance to include toning/cardio. I can do that.

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