Saturday, February 18, 2012


Rob posted on a thread: "Thanks, Garri. I hope this motivates you, too!" Motivates me? I don't need motivation, I thought to myself. I'm a very motivated girl!


I mean ... really?

I did restart my walks and I'm almost up to 2 miles/day. Whoop freaking eeee. I have allowed myself to sit for the past two days because "I'm so busy at work." No way I should allow myself to let "work" get in the way of getting healthier. There's my #1!

Foodwise, I'm full of it. This bouncing around from one new idea to another is stupid. I really end up doing nothing of value, in the long run. I'm sucking it up and joining WW. I've so resisted that organization because of one stab at it in 1972, when I actually gained a pound while sticking to it religiously. That was 40 years ago! It works for everyone else. I'm just not that anomalous.

As the show says, NO EXCUSES! None. Zero. Nada. Rien.

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