Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pass GO ... eventually

Ridiculous. I'm doing more than starting over. I'm starting over from BEHIND the starting line. Though I'm off steroids after two rounds, my leg is still numb and now I literally get winded just taking a walk. Ugh! However, starting over regardless. Keeping record is easy, since we're also recording our miles at work right now, so it's all on my calendar. One mile/day sounds ridiculous, I know, but it's the best I can do. And I'm happy that I'm doing it.

I cancelled my scheduled week at the ridge with regrets. It's almost a month away, and I just can't see getting myself up to enough speed to be able to put out for seven hours a day by then. That does NOT mean that I'll stop trying; no, no, no! I'll keep improving. Again.

Diet wise, I have actually gone back to the Primal Body idea. By mistake, I heard the interview with the author again and it just kept ringing true. This time, I'm taking it slowly and tracking my food as gas, paper, kindling, and logs. The goal will be to primarily eat above-ground veggies and proteins. I admit that I eat a very lowfat, carb-based diet now. She says this is training my body to ignore the proteins when it should be living off of them.

So I'm not the Queen of Inspiration right now. Sigh.

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