Saturday, January 21, 2012

VOTE FOR ME! please?

Chances are, I don't know you. Most of my friends aren't into diet and exercise. They aren't even clicking on my vote button for the Jennie-O breakfast contest. So I'm pleading with my five followers and anyone else who may trip across my blog. You won't be hounded by some virtual turkey, but if you could spare a click a day, I would really, really love to win the two weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort. I have not been able to put the cash together for TWO weeks. It would be huge.

Jennie-O Breakfast contest link:  

Now, about my status to date. I'm NOT letting circumstances hold me back. No sir. I'll just keep on, because that's what a person does. Loser for Soup helped me realize that you don't ever quit, just because you don't always win. Ok, so I did know that, but it helps to hear it again from someone else who is fighting the same fight. I'm all the way UP to walking a half mile/day. Wow. Blow to the ego. I was disappointed that I only did a couple of miles a day, before. Oh well, better to be in the game, than out! Our school district started a walking contest, so I created a website and pseudo "app" for our school. Now, I have to do it, you see? 

Bumped into a friend last night and, in talking with her, I heard how happy I am. Yes, I was listening to myself speak. I am so thrilled with my job, my life, etc. This blog may look like I'm focusing on the negative. I'm not. It is just the one place where I dump my darkest part of my life ... weight. One of these days, though, there shall be light in this corner, too!

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