Saturday, November 5, 2011

53 Days Left to This New Habit

And ... not really 53 days, since I took the 3rd day off. Wed was Step class, the next day was Treading Thursday on the eliptical, and Friday I was immobilized. One leg still doesn't want to do anything (why not both, I wonder?). Today, however, I shall walk it off. I'm sure that will help.

The question is, is it legal to continue my countdown, if I took a day? Or, do I have to start over?

Day 4 or is it Day 3?
I'm so grateful to everyone who is undergoing the same learning process. Diane, at Loser for Soup, just posted some great inspiration. Gracias. And the Ridge alums on FB are great! This isn't a fix-it-and-be-done process, obviously. I'm good with that so long as I'm not alone.

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