Sunday, May 1, 2011


You know, the neat part about being human is that we CAN start over. Again and again and again ... And here I go. It has been so impossibly difficult to get to the gym after work. I'm up at 4, at work by 7ish, and by the time the last kiddle walks out the door, I'm wiped flipping out!

I decided that I wasn't motivated because I really hate my gym. It's only $12 a month, but it's also trashy/dirty and crowded. So I signed up at the newer, nicer one that is also closer to me. Yeah, that was 2 weeks ago. I haven't been back. Clearly, it wasn't the ambiance, it was the slug. Me.

Now, in some sort of self defense, I've had this relentless cold for the past two weeks, too. Not able to remember whether it was above or below the neck that meant no exercise, I just stayed away for both.

I need to develop a new habit, starting tomorrow, of course. Granted, if I don't quit working until 4:30 or 5, then I'm obviously going to be too pooped to treadmill. I'm going to start leaving at 2:45 (actually our time to go). The year is ending and I shouldn't have too many "projects" holding me in the classroom.

Ok, you sluggy old broad: Here goes another stab at it!


  1. Update: Still sick. All congested in the lungs. I'll be back when this is over. Soon, I hope!

  2. Take care of yourself! Try to eat well in the mean time and it will help you feel better. If it is a nice day and you feel well enough, take a walk.

  3. Thanks, Shelli, and you're right, the walks are better than nothing. Would you believe I've been hacking my head off for over a month?? Seriously. I think it's about over, so back to the drawing board.