Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Days To Go!

Two days from now I'll either be at Malibu, or I'll be at my parents' house. My dad just went into the hospital and my mom is home alone in the boonies. Neither issue is life-threatening, but I'm concerned, nonetheless. I pray everyone takes an upturn in the next day or two.

On the positive side, I'm more excited than ever. Fitting exercise into even my vacation routine has proven to be a challenge. This is my biggest problem. (Note that I manage to have time for FaceBook, etc.) I'm planning on the next week to really change my mind-set.

I don't know what the psychology is, but I don't take well to "support" from friends and family. I really haven't felt this sensitive about it since childhood. Now, when my family pushes me to say that I'm really going back to FR and my friends make comments that are designed to be helpful, the only message my brain gets is: "Damn, you're fat!" It hurts like I'm 12 again. There you go, complete strangers ... my biggest issue that friends and family don't know, but you do. We have entered a new era where we will divulge the deep stuff to the whole world, but not to our closest folks. Interesting.

Moving on ... packing the Glide and band aides and cramming in my final workouts to get myself toned-up enough to walk to the pool. Oh, yeah, I have a long, long way to go!


  1. Ha, I have only told my parents and one friend (who I talked into coming with me) that I am going to FR. I told them I am going to a health spa :) Praying that all goes ok for you and your family.

  2. Thanks, Shelli. I never thought about "omitting" the details. Too late, now!