Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year!

Alrighty, then! Here we go ... checked in at my WW meeting last night, bought the new ActiveLink to track activity, logged-in to my WW online today, and I've been walking a mile a day for almost a week. I'm pumped, excited, and GOD, so hopeful!

Since I h-h-h-h-hate tracking food, I'm doing the Simple Start plan, which is basically eating anything on the list (real, whole foods) and only 7 pts. worth of other stuff. That, I will have to track, though I have to say I still can't figure out where. I'm also taking pics of everything I eat (way easier than writing it) in MealSnap. They try to estimate your calories, but they give you a range of like 100 calories and could be way off, at that. I just like being able to get the pics organized easily. 

Happy, less hippy 2015!

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