Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Are the Champions ♬

Muhammad Ali - "Winning is a good thing, but some may call it luck, or a fluke. So win, then win again, then win again, and again...then they must call you a champion!"

Thank you, Champ! As you (all five of you) may have seen, I've been learning this lesson and it just looks so good to see it was a mantra for someone who clearly was a champion. I just had to let you all know ... we're doing okay.

Just a wee update ... a conference in San Diego meant terrible food choices, but one hell of a lot of walking. I mean a LOT. My hotel was a mile from the action and the convention center there is the biggest thing I've EVER seen! Thank God for walking flip flops (Skechers). So, good and bad probably evened it all out. Back home, now, and back at the gym with a long walk scheduled for today. Oh well, all of that is on my calendar.

To all of us! Champions in the making!

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