Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Do It

Wow. I was all fired up just 11 days ago and what did I do with that? I walked. Yeah, that's something, but hey ... reality check. Bless those little Sketchers, though. The walking is much less painful than it was. I guess that jerky doctor had some good in him.

I haven't been a complete sloth. I've been walking and that's a baby step. Now that I've read my fellow bloggers' updates, I'm inspired to move it up a notch, again. I just love those people. They have the same issues I do, yet they handle them so well. How can an old broad be on this planet for so long and not "get it"? Diana has started over almost as often as I have, yet she just gets back into the groove without looking back. I love her idea about doing a Fitness Ridge week at home. Brilliant. Shelli set goals that were doable, yet found herself going beyond what she really thought she could do. Wow.

Walking week is over. BodyMedia is getting strapped back on ... well, as soon as I get off FaceBook, that is.

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